Optimum access, ease of use, easy cleaning and excellent hygiene: a waste system needs to offer all these things to be user-friendly. Oeko FreezyBoy® ticks all the boxes! Plenty of space for filling 35-litre or 17-litre bin bags to the brim, unparalleled hygiene thanks to FreezyBoy®; and top-quality materials for durability.


Oeko FreezyBoy® can only be purchased through kitchen design studios. The recommended retail price does not include installation fees.

Waste bin set for Blum Legrabox, Grass Vionaro and Hettich Avantech drawer pull-outs with a depth of at least 450 mm.

  • Height-adjustable (compatible with Swiss and European standard units)
  • For units with side walls 16 mm or 19 mm thick

Set contains:

  • 1 x 40-litre waste bin
  • 1 x FreezyBoy® One Black
  • 1 x fixing bracket for bin and FreezyBoy®
  • 1 x pull-out metal shelf

For kitchen studios: Mounting instruction