The Technology.

FreezyBoy Technik

Maximum performance with smallest size: That is what puts FreezyBoy® ahead of the pack. The product has been specifically developed to fully enhance your comfort with every day kitchen waste handling - this requires smart, cutting edge technology.

Enhanced technology for maximum convenience.

Lid system

A secure, smart opening and closing system and a detachable lid.

FreezyBoy Deckel

Vacuum insulated panels

The best insulating material there is: 1 cm insulates just as well as 10 cm of polystyrene foam. A high-tech solution for maximum usable volume in a compact space.

FreezyBoy Isolation

Refrigeration Compressor

A miniature refrigeration compressor for a miniature freezer. Thanks to its excellent performance and extremely high efficiency, the compressor consumes very little electrical power.

FreezyBoy Kompressor


The smart monitoring system switches the compressor off if the product is being used incorrectly. The fan has been fitted with a muffler, ensuring it is very quiet.

FreezyBoy Steuerung

The Design.

FreezyBoy®'s appearance is reminiscent of a rectangular monolith, giving it a timeless, yet functional look: it blends in perfectly with modern kitchens, which increasingly form an integral part of living areas.

The organic waste container makes the most of every last inch of space in the appliance's interior. The bin has a fold-out carry handle and two grips, making it easy to handle. Its shape and colour definitely set it apart from all the other organic waste containers on the market.

With its light white, dark grey shape and the melon-yellow bio bin, FreezyBoy® boasts the same eye-catching color combination as an emperor penguin.

Product Design: Annina Stucki,Brandenberger Proe