You can finally enjoy state-of-the-art hygiene in your kitchen.

FreezyBoy® is a practical organic waste freezer for your kitchen. It chills organic kitchen waste to -5 °C, which prevents biomass from decomposing and neutralises unpleasant odours – or even stops them at their source. At last, there are no more drawbacks to keeping organic waste in your kitchen for several weeks.



FreezyBoy® One is available in two colourways: one dark, and the other light. The appliance’s pared-back design gives it its unique appeal. With its sleek appearance, it looks right at home in living areas and kitchens. With its compact format and clean design, FreezyBoy® One can easily be added to existing pull-out waste systems and fits neatly into any corner of the kitchen, so you can put it wherever it would be most conveniently placed for day-to-day use.


OEKO FreezyBoy

Maximum convenience paired with attractive design: the world’s most modern waste system. Oeko FreezyBoy® is a waste system that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of user-friendliness and quality. It has everything you need, right where you need it, and is visually appealing too.

Your advantages.


No more odours

No more unpleasant odours: biomass is prevented from decomposing and the low temperature neutralises the odour of items that are naturally strong-smelling.


Central location

Now you can dispose and store your kitchen waste where you get it: right in the kitchen. Do no longer have a rush for comfort, since it it no longer a source of unpleasant odours.



Almost nowhere else than in kitchens is hygiene an important factor of pleasance. FreezyBoy® waves your fruit flies and other insects goodbye.



The bio bin does not need special cleaning treatment. The low operating temperature prevents formation of any residues. The bio bin has been designed to be cleaned in the dishwasher however.



You won't deal with composting everyday! Empty only when you feel you have to or when the bio bin is completely full.



From the material spects to the technical components assembled, we guarantee you premium quality to maximize the product life time.


Der FreezyBoy bietet eine ganzheitliche und komfortable Lösung für den Küchenabfall, ganz ohne Gestank und andere Störfaktoren.

Handelszeitung, 27.02.2017

Are you thinking of renovating or building a new home? Or would you like to add FreezyBoy® to your existing waste system? Then this is your chance to take all the hassle out of dealing with your kitchen waste! Order FreezyBoy® from our shop or contact your local kitchen design studio for more information.

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