Technical data

Grösse (LxBxH)
370 x 170 x 375 mm (excl. raiser)
Weight (net)
11.5 kg
Usable volume
7 litres (organic waste bin)
Power consumption
81 kWh a year
Noise emitted
max. 36 DB


What is FreezyBoy®?

FreezyBoy® is a practical cooling appliance that chills organic matter to -5°C. This prevents the biomass from decomposing and eliminates all the problems associated with kitchen waste. FreezyBoy® is available as a free-standing appliance under the name FreezyBoy® One. FreezyBoy® One comes in two colourways: one dark, and the other light. The appliance is also available as part of the complete pull-out waste-sorting solution Oeko FreezyBoy®.

How does FreezyBoy® work?

FreezyBoy® is powered by a refrigeration compressor. All the technical parts of the appliance are stowed away in the bottom third, with the main container and the removable organic waste container above them. You can keep on filling the organic waste container until it is full, then you can empty it into your compost bin or compost heap or into a bin bag.

What can I put in my FreezyBoy®?

FreezyBoy® was designed for use with organic matter only: it offers a convenient way of storing compostable waste in your kitchen prior to disposal. We strongly advise against using FreezyBoy® for any other purposes.

Can I store food and drink in my FreezyBoy®?

No. Given its inside temperature and the materials it is made from, FreezyBoy® is not suitable for storing food and drink.

How much power does FreezyBoy® need?

We use the latest technology to keep our products’ power consumption as low as possible. In normal use, FreezyBoy®’s annual electricity consumption is 81 kWh. Expressed in terms of electricity costs, this would come out at an average of 15-20 CHF/EUR a year in most European countries.

My local authority does not collect organic waste. What should I do?

Even if your local authority does not collect organic waste, we would still advise you to store it separately. Even if you cannot recycle organic waste, FreezyBoy® is still a highly effective solution to the problems associated with kitchen waste: just store all your organic kitchen waste in your FreezyBoy® until there is enough to fill a bin bag.

Can FreezyBoy® be used abroad?

FreezyBoy® was developed for use in Switzerland and the EU, and so was designed with the technical conditions in those countries in mind. It cannot be used in other countries for the time being.

Is FreezyBoy® compatible with my waste system?

It is important to find out whether FreezyBoy® can be added to your current waste system. The two most important points to remember are these: firstly, we would advise you to install FreezyBoy® in a pull-out waste system; waste systems with swing doors, for instance, are not suitable. Secondly, if you want to have enough space for a 35-litre waste bin, you will need a 600-mm-wide pull-out (i.e. an EU standard unit). This guide will tell you whether your waste system has enough room for FreezyBoy®.

How much excess heat and noise does FreezyBoy® produce?

Excess heat is not an issue: if the system is completely closed, the temperature in the area only rises by 1.2°C. Our tests have shown that this does not have a negative impact in terms of odours from the waste bin. FreezyBoy® has a maximum noise level of 36 dB, which is too quiet to be problematic.

How much ice builds up inside FreezyBoy®?

The amount of ice that forms depends on how the appliance is used (e.g. the number of times it is opened each day). It is completely normal for some ice to form. This will not affect your use of the appliance. We recommend collecting peelings and food scraps as you work and putting them in your FreezyBoy® once you are finished. When the time comes for you to empty the organic waste container, you may find it helpful to let the container sit at room temperature for two or three minutes before emptying it.


  • Collect food scraps and peelings as you cook and put them all, along with any unwanted leftovers, in the organic waste container when you are done. The less you open FreezyBoy, the more efficient it is and the less frost forms. Consult your local authority to find out what can and cannot go into organic waste bins.
  • If possible, allow the organic waste container to defrost in the kitchen for two to three minutes before emptying it. This helps to ensure that the container’s contents will slide out easily when you empty it.
  • If you are not planning to use the appliance for a while, switch it off and clean it. If you want to remove the lid for defrosting or cleaning, just open it fully (i.e. so that the lid forms a 90° angle with the edge of the appliance) and slide it off. The organic waste container is dishwasher safe.
  • Never put warm, hot or liquid waste into the organic waste container. Doing so will increase the appliance’s power consumption and cause frost to form, and may damage the appliance.



Helping you with questions about your appliance is a priority for us. Use the penguin callback button to contact us and we will get in touch with you right away. If you already own a FreezyBoy®, make sure to tell us its serial number so that we can assist you more efficiently. If you experience any problems with your FreezyBoy®, please read the following information first.


Before first use

If you notice that your FreezyBoy® is damaged when you receive it (e.g. damaged in transit), use the callback button to contact us. We will get in touch with you and take care of it.

If your appliance is delivered upside down or on its side, turn it the right way up and wait 24 hours before switching it on. After 24 hours, you can switch it on and check that it is working properly. NB: FreezyBoy® needs to run for around 12 hours to reach the right temperature. If your appliance is not working properly after that time, use the penguin callback button to contact us.


Your warranty and its scope

Every FreezyBoy® is covered by a two-year warranty, which takes effect on the date the appliance is first used.

What is covered?

The warranty covers material defects and manufacturing defects; any such defects will be resolved free of charge within the warranty period. The warranty will pay for labour and travel costs and replacement material. The warranty may be fulfilled through repair, replacement with an equivalent appliance or refund of the purchase price, at FreezyBoy®’s discretion. No further claims will be accepted.

Where does the warranty apply?    

The warranty only applies in the country in which the appliance was purchased, on the condition that either FreezyBoy® or one of FreezyBoy®’s authorised service providers is responsible for after-sales service in that country. If a FreezyBoy® appliance is taken to another country, problems may arise as a result of the technical conditions (e.g. mains voltage, frequency) or climatic and environmental conditions in that country. We therefore reserve the right to refuse to fulfil the warranty for appliances that were not approved for the country in which they are being used.

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover any damage arising after manufacturing, such as damage in transit, damage resulting from improper assembly or installation, improper use or misuse, poor maintenance, natural wear and tear, external influences, force majeure or any other cause beyond FreezyBoy®’s control.

This does not affect any contractual or legal claims against the seller of the appliance. Non-use or infrequent use of the appliance does not entitle the user to a warranty extension.